Business Growth

Rathbone Results has identified 4 key drivers of business growth and we help our clients to implement these.  See the business growth case study here

1. Business growth through the right marketing foundations

If you want to achieve truly effective marketing, there are six foundations which will underpin the success of your lead generation activities. Put these foundations of effective marketing strategy in place and you will have gone a long way to securing your business growth. Ignore them, and you will be struggling.

2. Business growth through multiple lead generation methods

Your businesses may currently have only one lead generation or marketing method to reach new customers.  This is usually word of mouth or the use of direct sales. If your business is getting by with one single marketing method, just imagine what could be achieved if you had five or even ten proven marketing methods! Rathbone Results will work with you to test and measure which methods work best for your business from the many different lead generation methods available.

3. Business growth through internet marketing

It is vital for your businesses to have an effective internet marketing strategy. Many companies still have a website that is little more than an on-line company brochure. It is not a source of leads that convert to sales. By contrast, some entrepreneurs have become millionaires by getting really good at Internet Marketing such as Pay Per Click Advertising to find new customers.

Internet Marketing is an endlessly changing landscape where there are frequent developments and improvements. Your approach needs regular review in the light of these developments to support your business growth.

4. Business growth through selling professionally

To capitalise on effective marketing and lead generation, it is important for you to sell professionally and to develop the sales competence within the business. When you are a business owner, often being an engineer by background, with many of your sales staff with a technical surveying background, this is a real challenge.

You can see real benefit from the sales process developed by Rathbone Results to accelerate your business growth and take your sales to another level.

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