Business Health Check

Do you need a fresh perspective on your business?  Are you too close to the day to day functionality and need to identify how to improve profitability, sales, service revenues and cash flow?  At Rathbone Results, we use our Business Health Check to look at your business across multiple facets instead of the one single dimension often considered by so many consultants.

The Business Health Check will assess how you are doing against the 12 drivers of profitable and sustainable growth. After completing an in-depth Business Health Check, we then develop the strategies and actions to improve your business results, depending on the situation you are in at the current moment.

Your strategies and action points will be prioritised based on their potential business impact and ease of implementation. This Action Plan then becomes your blueprint to increased business success andyou can move forward with implementation, starting with the quick wins in the first few weeks.

The option is there for you after the completion of the Business Health Check to get on-going support from Rathbone Results. This will help you to practically implement the strategies so that you get the benefits more quickly, seeing  improved sales, increased profit and improved cash flow.

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