Shape Your Business Strategy
Watch this video to see how you can develop your business strategy, then download our guide to business growth.

All successful organisations, big or small, have a clear strategy. They know the need of the market that they seek to satisfy. They know what makes them unique as a player in that market. They have a clear vision, key objectives, core strategies, they have aligned responsibilities of stakeholders and key players, they have a clear budget and the necessary funding.

For “without vision, a nation perishes” and “how can two walk together unless they are agreed?”

How Can You Shape Your Strategy To Achieve Your Business Ambitions?

We believe that strategy is a collective endeavour. The best strategies are therefore co-created by ‘teams’ whose members bring diverse perspectives and diverse ways of thinking. By involving your key players in the process of developing your strategy, you get their input, encourage them to table all known challenges and objections, invite the healthy tension that comes from peer challenge and earn your people’s buy-in to the organisation’s plans. Team generated strategies build momentum, are more readily implemented and create environments of mutual trust and accountability between those involved.

So how can we help you?

Our proprietary 6-step facilitated approach, the Strategic Scroll, is clear and visual. We strip out complexity to free you to focus on your business and to help you think clearly. Like an arrow, we start with the end-point in mind and work back.


 Step 1: Establish your vision and mission for your business. Our method involves you and your key players, to quickly home-in on what success looks like for you – uniquely. It results in a clear, concise, widely-owned vision/mission statement.

Step 2: Specify the concrete objectives you want to achieve as a business, the objectives that will evidence the reality of your vision/mission. By working through the SMART acronym, we ensure that your objectives are on- point to deliver your vision.

Step 3: Identify who are the individuals and teams that you will hold responsible and accountable for delivering your business’ objectives. We work through issues of capability, availability and passion to ensure those chosen are fit-for-the-task.

Step 4: Elaborate what those people have to do to achieve the objectives and scope that into new strategies to fill the gap. Clearly, if you have set objectives, it’s because you haven’t achieved them as yet. Those selected in Step 3 have to do different things or do things differently to achieve those objectives. One strategy has to be how you will review progress systematically. Strategy action plans ensue.

Step 5: Identify whose support you need to be able to implement the new strategies and to obtain the resources required? New strategies mean change – and change never happens without a strong coalition of supporters behind it. Who are these supporters for your individual strategies?

Step 6: Specify what resources your new strategies require – funding, equipment, IT, external experts and partners, supporting materials – and which supporters need to deliver them.

This process of the Strategic Scroll is iterative, and best completed over non-consecutive days. It is also fast-paced, agile and robust. We know how little time you have to set aside for thinking strategically as individuals, never mind as teams.

End Product?

How do we bring it all together? Quite simply. We facilitate and document your discussions, capturing your conclusions through the process to give you an audit-trail of your thinking and the first draft of YOUR strategic plan – team-generated, peer reviewed, with your finger-prints all over it and with maximum buy-in.

If you want to refresh or reshape your strategy to deliver ambitious profitable sustainable growth, contact us for an exploratory conversation on 020 8798 0175.