Business Turnaround

If your company is going through difficult times, this can be the cause of extreme stress and worry. Rathbone Results use our own expertise in your industry, our expertise in business, in finance and in business turnaround, to ensure that our agreed aims are met. Our expertise will ensure that our implementations will leave you in a much stronger and confident position in which to face the future.

If your business is underperforming, to achieve a business turnaround you will need to urgently address your cost structure which is not aligned to the sales levels in the business.  Both direct costs and overhead costs need to be reduced. So how will Rathbone Results help you to achieve this?

Help your business turnaround by reducing your direct costs

  • Rationalise the product range. Look hard at the 80% of products that are producing 20% of sales
  • Consolidate suppliers and negotiate improved terms with those fewer suppliers
  • Identify if there is over manning in direct labour. Maximise utilisation and productive hours

Help your business turnaround by reducing overheads

  • Make sure the management structure is appropriate to the size of your company
  • Get the most from your investment in people related costs
  • Deal with the under performers and the terrorists in your organisation
  • Eliminate non value added activities
  • Increase employee productivity and get good at performance management
  • Determine what activities are core and then outsource the rest

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