Carlton Brown

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Helping Support Service companies hit peak performance

Carlton is our Support Services expert. He mixes senior corporate leadership experience with success in building multiple startup businesses. He underpins it all with rigorous academic and theoretical methodologies.

Support Services companies are operating in a big market. The Facilities Management (FM) market alone is worth £11.9bn in the UK. So there’s a lot to play for – but there are plenty of challenges as well. Increasing competition, new entrants to the market, and the constant need to innovate are all putting pressure on your bottom line. So how do you navigate the uncertainties and make sure you continue to grow?

Well. That’s where I can help.

How I can help you

I help businesses deliver more sales, better profitability, and bigger growth. I do this by developing a deep understanding of your business wherever it is in the cycle. I take my senior corporate experiences and the knowledge gained building my own businesses to help your company innovate and grow. And I use a dynamic and engaging approach to manage both people and performance. The result? You get the best insight and advice to reach your goals.

Why me?

I’ve been helping businesses deliver profitable growth for over 20 years. I’ve developed specialisms in Commercial Cleaning, Building Maintenance, and Facilities Management. I understand the market because I’ve seen it from the very top at senior corporate level, and on the way up as a business owner. And I use my academic knowledge (PhD, MBA, and PGDIP) to provide even greater and continuous insight for your organisation.

Some highlights:

  • Initial Washroom Services: Achieved double digit sales turnover growth for three consecutive years at (and a 23% increase in the first year) as Sales Director
  • Rentokil Initial Plc: Managed various successful sales and marketing transformation initiatives as Regional Director which resulted in profit growth of 20% in consecutive years
  • Sunlight Service Group: Delivered strategic change, sales growth and profits for three consecutive years as Sales Director
  • Business Development: Have built, managed, and sold multiple successful businesses
  • Academia: Published peer reviewed articles in the areas of leadership, and sales performance and communication
  • Professional Development: Executive Director on the board of the Association of Business Mentors (ABM)

Get in touch! I’d love to hear from you to learn a little more about your business and your ambitions for the future. Or give me call on 0208 798 0175 for a chat about how you might benefit from our expert advice.