Build a Sustainable Business

At Rathbone Results we appreciate the long-term aims of business leaders. We also know how challenging it is to think of the long-term when you are caught in the need to make today’s numbers. Our methodology therefore also aims to help business leaders work on the business not just in the business, and to regularly lift their eyes to their vision in order to ensure their tactical present-term decisions align to their long-term ambition. 4 key drivers enable us to help business leaders do just that.

  1. Develop Mindset

We know how crucial the mind-set of a business leader is for the business’ success. Three questions inform this driver: (a) Why are you in your business?(b)  What do you deliver as a business? (c) How do you work with others as a business? From these comes an understanding of what you (a business leader) love to do, how big you think, what type of business you are in, how long or short term your business perspectives are and what the real difference is that you want to make to your clients / customers, to your industry. All these point to your / the leaders’ mind-set and business ambitions.

  1. Shape Strategy

Successful organisations, big or small, have a clear strategy. They know the market and customer needs that they seek to satisfy. They know what they have that differentiates and makes them a relatively unique player in their market. They have a clear vision, key objectives, defined core strategies, aligned responsibilities of stakeholders and key players, an established budget and the necessary funding. To facilitate and document the development of clear strategy, we bring a unique proprietary process that engages the team, broadens support and ensures action.

  1. Engage People

A key way of engaging people is to equip and develop them. Be it core skills or management and leadership capability, business success is built on people’s agility, ability and capacity to raise their performance as individuals and as teams. Especially in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment, people need to be able to embrace change, drive innovation and implement strategy. We have a rich track record and a deep toolkit with which to partner you to develop your people and your teams to be fit-for-purpose and outperform.

  1. Develop Services

For at least 4 reasons, development of service offerings is a clear strategy for securing the sustainability of your business. (a) In most industries, services can provide repeating revenues to a greater extent than products. (b) The greater the range of services your business offers, the “stickier” your customers/clients are likely to be. (c) Services are more difficult to copy than products, making your service-offering a longer-term differentiator within your business model. (d) Cross selling from products to services or service to service within your existing customer/client base is easier than expanding by winning new business or going into new geographies. We can help you expand your service offering to enhance the customer value your business adds.

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