Fire and Security

If your fire and security company needs to unlock its business potential and drive profitable and sustainable growth, then Rathbone Results can assist you in this. With a history of achieving significant improvement in profitability, sales growth and cash flow within the fire and security industry, your business can benefit from the broad spectrum of business improvement methods delivered by Rathbone Results.

Challenges in the fire and security industry

Many businesses in the fire and security industry are faced with significant challenges in developing their company:

  • The overall fire and security market is experiencing modest growth due to its maturity, squeezing margins as competition intensifies
  • Margins and cash are further under pressure as customers and contractors expect more favourable terms
  • Finding good salespeople to develop accounts and generate sales is difficult
  • Too much time is spent firefighting instead of developing the business
  • Too little time is invested in developing the service business where the higher margins are

The Rathbone Results solution

The results achieved for other fire and security businesses like yours have been so impressive that the Rathbone Results team is expanding so that more businesses can benefit from our unique approach. All of our team have experience in running a business in your sector as well as delivering outstanding financial results. They will act as a sounding board, mentor, sector specialist, strategist and support in implementation, as well as having the expertise to make a real difference to your business. Rathbone Results has a unique and proven process for driving the profitable and sustainable growth of fire and security companies:

  • Profit margins are improved through developing your client base,  differentiating your prices and  improving your cost efficiency
  • Cash flow is improved through better management of your money
  • Growth is accelerated through improving your marketing and selling skills
  • Consistent results are achieved through developing a clear strategy, developing your services business and engaging your staff
  • You feel reenergised as you have a game plan for developing your company and practical support in implementing the solutions

If you are in the security systems industry and want to develop and implement an action plan to achieve growth in your services business, contact us now 020 8798 0175.