Develop your services to build a sustainable business
Watch this video to see how you can develop your services to add customer value, then download our guide to business growth.

It is vital to develop the services and solution offerings around your products. This adds value to your customers and strengthens your relationship with them. It also provides additional sources of income.

This is especially the case with the after-market. These are the services that follow after the initial sale is made. One of the best ways of guaranteeing monthly income is to increase the sale of service and maintenance and service contracts. The benefits are tenfold:

  1. Increases the value of your company
  2. Provides a recurring income stream
  3. Delivers higher margins
  4. Maintenance contracts provide follow on sales in call outs and parts and upgrades
  5. Provides a longer term source of revenue as contracts can run for 10 years and beyond
  6. Provides the means of repeat contact with the customer
  7. Reduces the threat of competition
  8. Provides a source of sales and profitability in downturns as well as upturns
  9. Generates a positive cash flow
  10. Gives a more secure environment for the staff

If you would like help in developing and implementing an Action Plan to achieve significant growth in your services or aftermarket business, contact Rathbone Results today on 020 8798 0175.