How to Engage and Motivate Staff

Are you frustrated by the unlocked potential, a lack of commitment or even lower than expected productivity of your people? It is very easy to blame your people for such situations. Sometimes, the hardest thing to do as a Business Leader is to take a mirror and look at your own leadership. Rathbone Results uses an impartial and experienced perspective to help you better engage and motivate your people.

Engagement and motivation are important because even at the most basic level, it costs more to replace staff than to keep and develop them. Your people need to feel valued and respected, and keeping them happy means they’ll stay with you for much longer and be more productive. Remind yourself of that, even in tough times; you need to keep staff motivation and engagement high on your list of priorities.

Tips on how to motivate staff and increase their productivity:

  1. Recruit the right people in the first place
  2. Share the company’s goals and objectives with all the employees
  3. Be clear about individual and team goals and expectations
  4. Give feedback on good performance – and help them get even better
  5. Give feedback on poor performance – and help them address obvious needs
  6. Communicate openly, in a transparent and straightforward manner
  7. Be consistent and fair in your approach
  8. Invest in the development and training of your people

Rathbone Results can provide you with expert advice on how to put these top tips into meaningful action to unlock the performance of your people. Your business will benefit from the experience that our team will bring from within and beyond your sector, with insight and possible solutions for the unique challenges you face.

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