Develop Customers

Your client base is a huge asset in your business. Yet it is amazing how many companies focus on chasing new customers and do not pay enough attention to their hard won client base. You may want to increase sales, either to overcome a problem in the short term or as part of the planned growth of your business in the longer term.

Rathbone Results can help you in:

  • Diagnosing the cause of problems in the short term
  • Increasing sales in the medium to long term
  • Developing a range of possible solutions to increase sales

Recognising the need

There are usually two kinds of situation in which you need to increase sales.

  1. In the short term – you are reacting to a problem, such as the loss of one or more customers, decline in a market or the arrival of a new competitor.
  2. In the medium to long term – you are taking a more considered and deliberate approaches as part of planned growth of the business.

The approaches you take will be different in each of these situations. Some approaches will deliver better results over the long term, but it takes more resources and time to deliver them. Rathbone Results will help you to use the appropriate methods for the situation your business is facing. We will also support your business with strategic advice, marketing plans and practical support to increase sales to your customers.  But how do you do this?

How to increase sales to your customers

  1. Take care of them by giving them good customer service.
  2. Develop a customer and prospect database from the beginning of your company.
  3. Communicate systematically with your customers regardless of method.
  4. Put a method in place for up selling your clients to enhanced products and services.
  5. Put a method in place for cross selling your clients on your other products and services.
  6. Your clients are a wonderful potential source of referrals.
  7. Identify your wallet share and how to improve it in your larger customers.
  8. Make sure you have a back end of products and services.

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