Join Our Team

Are you a seasoned Business Leader? Are you an Entrepreneur wanting to help less experienced Entrepreneurs? Or do you have a good track record as a Sales and Marketing Director?

Are you looking for a lifestyle change giving you more flexibility and control over your own time?

What are the benefits of being a Rathbone Results Partner?

If you are considering a switch to running your own consulting business, using your skills and experience and enjoying a more varied lifestyle, this represents a very attractive opportunity for you:

  1. You will be up and running your own business quickly
  2. Our proven lead-generation methods enable you to find the right clients with the right profile
  3. You will justly command premium rates and generate ongoing high earnings
  4. You will belong to a team that provides camaraderie and support
  5. The work you do will be based on sound ethical values and personally fulfilling
  6. You will have opportunities to work with clients over the long term, with the commensurate recurring income
  7. The multi-faceted, situational, and strategic nature of what you do will add real value to your clients
  8. You will have control over how you balance your lifestyle and business interests

If you think you are suited to becoming one of our high calibre partners then visit our dedicated Partner website or contact  020 8798 0174.

Please download our Partner brochure to find out more information.