Engaging People – Leadership and Management Development

People – engaged, equipped and suitably experienced – are key to the sustainable and profitable growth of your business. Your strategy for engaging, equipping and providing the right experiences for your managers and leaders to take them to a new level of competence and legitimate confidence is therefore crucial to your business’ success. Good leadership and management development practices make for healthy workplaces.

Why choose Rathbone Results as your Leadership and Management Development Partner?

With over 30 years of experience in designing and delivering customised leadership development programs for global corporates, owner managed SMEs and 3rd sector organisations, Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone leads this practice, bringing an extensive network of leadership development associates and a select group of fellow Partners for pragmatic insights.

As seasoned leaders, we offer and work with you to create a tailored and blended approach to talent development that serves your growth strategy and delivers measureable results.

Hard-wired to Business Needs, Outcomes and ROI

We start by establishing:

  • Your business-centred issues – that drive the need to develop your people
  • What you tangibly want to see as outcomes from the development
  • How you will measure success and return on investment from the development initiatives
  • Broad buy-in and participation from all involved, including the most senior players

As senior executives with personal experience of people issues within the organisations we’ve led, we partner you to equip your people to sustainably and profitably grow your business by:

  • Working with your reality, using your language and drafting real live cases around your specific issues – your challenges and opportunities – to make the development concrete.
  • Combining relevant approaches – tools, models and frameworks – that enable your people to think more clearly and strategically around those issues.
  • Creating tailored action-learning environments, which empower and provide your people with opportunities to trial new ways of working.
  • Coaching your people and teams to help them gain confidence, be accountable for transferring learning to the workplace and grow their commitment to deliver game-changing results.

Our Bottom-Line? We have a track record of helping individuals, teams and organisations unlock business potential.

If you want to raise the capability of your people, build higher performing teams and tap into higher levels of engagement in order to deliver ambitious profitable sustainable growth, contact Cora Lynn for an exploratory conversation on