Build Marketing Foundations

Creating a marketing strategy is fundamental to your business success. Your business is individual, and the marketing strategy created with you and uniquely aligned to your business strengths will identify specific methods for improved lead generation and sales. However, the most important commitment from Rathbone Results is to provide the practical support to put these strategies into action!

Rathbone Results has used its extensive experience to establish six foundations of a truly effective marketing strategy. These underpin the success of your lead generation activities. Put them in place and you have gone a long way to securing the success and growth of your business. Ignore them and you will be struggling.

1. Choose your target market

Choosing your target market is one of the most important marketing strategy decisions you’ll ever make in your business.

2. Test and measure your marketing activities

One of the biggest reasons for failed marketing is simply a failure to consistently test the results of all your marketing methods. Marketing strategy doesn’t need to be an art – it can be a science.

3. Communicate the benefits

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your business is not to communicate the benefits of what you are offering.

4. Define and communicate what makes you distinctive

If you want customers to choose you, then you need to position yourself through your marketing strategy against the competition in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.

5. Give evidence for what you deliver

Providing positive testimonials about your product, given by satisfied customers, is a powerful marketing strategy.

6. Recognise the lifetime value of customers

Understanding the importance of the lifetime value of customers can have a radical impact on the way you assess your marketing strategy and on the way you set about growing your business.

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