How can I increase my sales and profit margins?

Are you looking to increase your margins quickly? Do you want to maximise resources and staff productivity? Do you want to improve your levels of customer care?

We can help! The 2 day workshop from Rathbone Results will help you to assess your business, look at the outcomes you want and to see the benefits in your bottom line. We will work closely with you to identify the changes that can be made immediately in your business processes to make it run more smoothly.

How does it work?

With expertise across a wide range of sectors, our Partners will apply a range of tools and techniques using lean principles to pinpoint the root causes of any issues or bottlenecks in your current processes, look at what needs to change, how to achieve it, and apply measurable indicators of success.
Process Improvement Workshop from Rathbone Results

I’d like to find out more, what’s my next step?

  • Express your interest using our short form – click here:
  • We will call you for a FREE no obligation discussion to explore how our experts can bring you a significant return on investment
  • Qualify for over 40% discount on the sessions – usual price £3,500, discounted to £1,995.

Real Results!

This is not just another exercise. Our clients have seen incredible results with some simple effective changes. You can benefit from:

  • Sustainable improvements in efficiency
  • Harmonising IT solutions and business goals
  • Improving quality and innovation
  • Increasing profits
  • Increasing sales
  • Reducing cash flow problems
  • Motivating staff to achieve their goals
  • Business growth

Don’t just trust us – trust businesses that have seen real improvements and return on investment:

Our business has been completely transformed by the Rathbone Results Workshop. They helped us to spot the problem areas in our business, and to create an action plan which has already delivered significant bottom-line improvements. In our view, this Workshop is incredible value.
Angus Ryall, The Widget Company

The Widget Company achieved these fantastic results:

  • Sales up by 35%
  • customer complaints down by 40%
  • freeing staff time for more selling
  • Margin increased by 35% – went from unprofitable to profitable in two weeks

I’d like to know more. What should I do now?

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