Selling a Business

When you are considering selling a business, the reasons will vary widely from individual to individual. You may wish to retire, want to investigate new challenges, or are simply tired of the frustrations of running a business. Whatever your reason , selling a business for most Business Owners is a once in a lifetime experience.

Making sure you get the best value, for the years of toil you have invested in building your company, is a key concern. It can be difficult to independently evaluate the value of your business, or choose exactly when in your business life-cycle is the right time to sell.

Getting your business into shape

Before selling a business, the business needs be in the right shape and sold at the right time. To optimise the value of the business we will work with you on implementing strategies such as:

Your business needs to be attractive to buyers in order to achieve the sales price you want. At Rathbone Results we help you prepare your company to achieve it’s maximum value. We help you to:

  • Choose the right time to sell
  • Correctly value your business following the strategies we have implemented
  • Identify and reach the best buyers
  • Get the best buyers competing for your company

If you are a business owner or shareholder of a company and want to get your business ready for sale to achieve the best possible price then Rathbone Results can help.

If you are thinking of selling your business and would like to achieve the maximum value for it, contact us now 020 8798 0175.