Shape Strategy

All successful organisations, big or small, have a clear strategy. They know the need of the market that they seek to satisfy. They know what makes them unique as a player in that market. They have a clear vision, key objectives, core strategies, aligned responsibilities of stakeholders and key players, and have established a budget and the necessary funding.

For “without vision, a nation perishes” and “how can two walk together unless they are agreed?”

How do we help you shape your strategy to achieve your ambitions for your business?

We believe that strategy is a collective endeavour. The best strategies are therefore co-created by ‘teams’ whose members bring diverse perspectives and diverse ways of thinking. By involving your key players in the process of developing your strategy, you get their input, encourage them to table all known challenges and objections, invite the healthy tension that comes from peer challenge and earn your people’s buy-in to the organisation’s plans. Team generated strategies build momentum, are more readily implemented and create environments of mutual accountability between those involved.

So how does this work?

Our proprietary 5-step facilitated approach is clear and visual. We strip out complexity to free you to focus on your business and to help you think clearly. We help you:

Step 1: Establish your vision for your business and your measurable objectives. Our method involves you and your key players to quickly home-in on what success looks like for you – uniquely – and ensures that your objectives are on- point to deliver your vision.

Step 2: Assess current strategies and the extent to which they will deliver your vision and objectives. Through this step you preserve what works and identify the strategic gaps.

Step 3: Scope new strategies to fill the gap. This includes identifying the key players who will implement and stakeholders whose support you need to effectively pursue these new strategies.

Step 4: Detailed action plans. The devil is always in the detail and in times of change it is important to be clear about the first actionable steps. For each strategy there must be an action plan.

Step 5: Agree review mechanisms to ensure you remain accountable and flexible – to change your action plans and/or strategies as emerging opportunities and threats change your course of action.

How do we bring it all together? Quite simply. We document your discussions and conclusions through the process to give you an audit-trail of your thinking and the first draft of YOUR strategic plan – team-generated, peer reviewed, with your finger-prints all over it and maximum buy-in.

If you want to refresh or reshape your strategy to deliver ambitious profitable sustainable growth, contact us for an exploratory conversation on 020 8798 0175.